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1- Binary trades have many potential benefits, but they also have great risks. You need to be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them for binary trading and not for those who have financial problems.
2- We try to provide quality robots with a chance of success through strategy, but there is always a risk, even if it seems unlikely, I strongly recommend that all aspects of work be done before investing. Leave a comment because you will be directly responsible for any gains or losses, for whatever reason, and the robots provided will help you to trade.
3. As with any investment, the Usd Hunter team accepts no warranty against market fluctuations or impactful news and other issues that cause losses.
4- It is not possible to return the amount.
5- The buyer of the cafe cucumbers, including the cucumber of cheating, even if it is gross.
6- Preparing this strategy means accepting the general cases mentioned above.

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